06 October 2010

Remote Relay Card

 Yesterday I made another Velleman kit. It is an Eight-Channel Remote Relay Card. It has 8 relays that you can control with an optional remote control. Both the receiver and remote control are not in this kit. So beware if you want to but it. Those are optional extras. I will use this relay card to switch the power supplies of the modulars that I'm building, so that I can easily switch stuff on and of without having to reach in difficult to reach spots to switch them on and off.

In the picture on the right you can see all the components that are in the kit. It looks like  a lot, but it actually isn't that much. The components are just quite big actually. Especially the relays are quite big. The documentation is quite clear again and from the documentation I learned that you can also switch this kit with RS-232 in stead of the remote control. Then you have a PC application that you can use to switch. It took me about an hour to build this kit. So it is not much work.
And here is the finished result. The only thing you have to think about is that the green terminal connectors you see below have to be interconnected before you solder them in. Of course I didn't do that ;) And I had to de-solder the first four again since the fifth wouldn't fit. So you are warned :) It is written in the documentation of course, but I didn't read that part to well. Further more this kit needs a power supply itself as well. So I'm going to see now what I need. But next up is constructing the remote control.

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