05 October 2010

PC Datalogger

Today I didn't feel like doing a lot with music. I have been quite busy recently finishing the album with Ron Boots and last week I was very busy with sending out some previews to radio stations and putting preview online on my website. So today I decided to heat up the soldering iron again. I still had a Velleman kit lying around that I bought when I was building the PC scope and PC function generator. This is also a measuring device. It has 4 inputs that act like a Volt meter, but it can also store the values it measures over time. It is called a Datalogger.

It seemed like a nice kit to work on today, because the Velleman kits are so well documented and even the parts are supplied in the right order, so you don't have to think too much ;) Well here you see all the stuff that came in the kit. You can see all the components but also the enclosure that is also in the kit. There is no power supply since the PCB has a USB connection and it gets its power from the USB port of the PC. Quite convenient actually.

It took me about an hour to complete the PCB. Not very complicated this one. You can see the result in the picture on the left. The only thing strange is the leds sticking out. They could have made that a little nicer I think with some led holders on the enclosure and wires to the PCB. But ah well this probably saved some money on the kit. After finishing the PCB it is mounted on the bottom part of the enclosure with some supplied screws.

And then the last thing to do is put on the top of the enclosure and screw that to the bottom. You can see that the connectors still stick out. Then there is a CD supplied with the software that goes with it. I haven't installed it yet, but I'll try it out soon. If you are interested in this kit or want to see what else Velleman is selling go visit their website at http://www.velleman.be. I'm sure you can find something nice that you always wanted to build yourself :)

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