21 May 2009

Waldorf Blofeld upgraded with Keys

About a year ago I bought this little synthesizer. It was the new Waldorf Blofeld. It holds about all the technology that Waldorf developed so far in the Q series (virtual analog) and the Wave. And even though I have a MicroQ and a MicroWave this is so much more easier to edit because of the display and of course it is also nice to combine these techniques. And there is more as well. Waldorf put some very nice stuff in this very small box. And even though it looks good and it is metal in stead of plastic and very decently build I somehow couldn't take it very serious as a synth and didn't use it much so far in my productions. Waldorf came up with a nice solution for that.

This solutions comes in the form of the Waldorf Blofeld keys. So I traded in my module for this keys version recently. You can see it just below the three Clavia's in the picture on the right. It is still nice looking and actually all the controls are the same and the layout is the same, but it has keys now and a pitch wheel and modulation wheel and somehow I like it WAY more now :) I know it sounds stupid but for me it is a way more mature synthesizer now. The keys does have something elke extra by the way. It has extra internal memory that you can use some sample bases sounds. So in this way it actually is more then the module. I played around with it last week and I like it a lot actually. It is great especially for pad sounds. So I'm sure you will hear it around on my future songs somewhere :)


AndreasLindholm said...

Ok, I have a Q and stayed away from the Blofeld cause it hase to few knobs to control it. Seems like the right choice.

Synth.nl said...

It is really nice to edit. And the wavetable stuff is what makes it nice. Give it a try :)