14 May 2009

Roland SH-2000

I found this very nice and old Roland synthesizer on E-bay. It is a SH-2000 and it is actually the second synthesizer Roland produced right after the SH-1000. Both where released in 1973. So it is pretty old. It only has a few presets that are on the switches on the front, but you can tweak them as you please. But the greatest thing about it is the after touch. It has a really nice feel to it. I was playing on it for quite some time when I tried it out. It lacks midi unfortunately. That did not even exist in that time, but maybe there is a retro fit possibility. The sound coming from it is very warm. I loved it. If you come across one I can recommend it and they are not expensive at all. I uploaded a little sample to hear how it sounds like here:


It was just a quick recording playing it through a Roland RE-201 Space Echo and a Quantec Yardstick reverb unit. The low note is a Yamaha SY-99 and the lead sound is the SH-2000.

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