10 May 2011

Apollo 3D Project (Part 7)

Slowly I'm starting to understand just how much it is to make a complete 3D movie. I have more and more respect for those Pixar guys every day ;) I'm still working on some new scenes for the Apollo project. Here is a re-entry scene I'm making with a cool cloudy Earth in the background. The Earth rotates to add to the dramatic speed effect. I only have trouble getting it to rotate in the exact right direction. And every try takes a long while to render before I see result again. But I will get it right some day ;) I'm thinking hard at the moment about all the scenes I still need to make and that is a lot :) But I just go on one at the time.....

In the mean time I also started to learn about Adobe After Effects and I loved the integration with Cinema 4D. I have seen that I can do stuff easier afterwards by rendering out separate layers in Cinema 4D importing them and fixing stuff in After Effects. That saves a lot of render time in the end. I downloaded a demo of the CS5.5 Production Suite from Adobe and I love it. I was very fond of Sony Vegas, but the integration Adobe provides with Premiere, Photoshop and After Effects is really so cool, that I decided to go on and use Premiere. You can make your scenes in After Effects and import those in Premiere and you don't have to render it to video from After Effects first. You can just change stuff in an open After Effects project and it changes instantly in Premiere. Very cool.

I also made this Synth.nl - Apollo in Cinema 4D intro movie that is totally animated. The Moon rotates and the screen starts empty, the letters and Moon flies in and the everything disappears again. I can't wait to show you. I'm working hard on a small teaser movie to show you, but I'm not satisfied yet with both the music and video. Progress on the Apollo album is very slow unfortunately, but I'm working hard here and can't do more than this. In the mean time I have a list with all the things I still have to fix in my music and I listen to the whole project regularly with my friend Hans. There is one more song where we want to change the arrangement, but for the rest it is starting to be detail work. But still I don't dare to say when the album will be ready. It is way more work than I anticipated.


Anonymous said...

Render low res to see the overall result, when it's ok in high res. Saves lots of time :-)

Synth.nl said...

Well when it is good the first time I don't have to do another one :) But I guess you are right :)