26 February 2011

Apollo Status Update

I though it would be nice to give you a little update on my Apollo project. I know some of you are really waiting for this album. In the picture on the left you can see roughly what it is going to look like at least. I can't give you previews on the sound yet, but that will come very soon. There will be 12 tracks in total and the total length of the CD will be around 68 minutes. I also determined the final order for the tracks now. I still have a month left to make the deadline for a release on E-day and I still need to play a melody on one track and then lots of work is to be done on details like adding sound effects, editing drum variations, playing little ad-don melodies.  It is going to be a tight call whether I'll make the 16th of April release. I'm still not sure because when I'm done also the remixing and mastering has to be done in the very last moment. It won't be much later if I don't make it but it would be nice to have it on my stall on E-day. I'll do my very best and I'll keep you updated on it.

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