11 June 2009

Synth.nl and WWF on OceanoGraphy

I have some exciting news for you. My next album 'OceanoGraphy' will be officially endorsed by the WWF. I'm allowed to use their name and logo on this project since they support the idea behind the concept of the album which is of course about the Earth's Oceans and the creatures living in it. This is quite an honor for me. In return I decided that a part of my revenue from this album will be donated to the WWF. I'm very excited about all of this, because I think this gives the project a lot more body all together from the start. So if you buy this album later you will in fact also support the WWF! I'm currently still working with my designer Bart Auceps on the artwork of the album. I hope you will like it later. I would like to thank the Dutch brand of the WWF (WNF especially Marlou) for making this possible!


tacor said...

congratulation!!! |_|] (beer :D); good music, indeed

Charlotte Aaen said...

Thats great news, congratulation!!! :)

Synth.nl said...

Thanks :)