07 June 2009

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

I recently found a very nice Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 on E-bay. This is one of the great classics of course and I'm very happy with it. It used to be a REV 3.2 but it was upgraded to REV 3.3. This gives it more memory locations for presets and also it has Midi now. I moved it just above my DSI Prophet '08. Nice combo :) But when the Prophet arrived unfortunately it was not OK even though the add stated that it was recently serviced. The first thing I found is that the keys were sticky. When you pressed them some of them didn't get back up or came back very slowly. So I immediately mailed with the seller. He told me that all the bushings were replaced and it should be OK, but that maybe it needed a bit of lubricant.

I decided at that point not to install it in the studio but first go to my engineer. He opened it up, looked at the keys and found that a very thick grease was used on the keys. So he actually removed a lot of that grease and adjusted some stuff to make them work properly. After that we turned it on to test it and it didn't work at all :( We found out quite quickly that the -15 Volt from the power supply was not working due to a broken power regulator on the heat sink on the back. After about an hour we fixed this and then it worked like a charm. I contacted the seller about all this and he immediately agreed to pay the costs of my engineer. That was very nice of course. So a little trouble at the beginning but now it is a very nice addition to my studio :)


pugsfly said...

congrats on the prophet 5!

Synth.nl said...

Thanks :)