31 May 2008

ASM-2 (Part 4)

Yesterday I received another bunch of parts for my ASM-2. With this parts I finished the PCB. I only miss two 120 nF capacitors. The strange thing is that no manufacturer has those values anymore in their assortment. I will ask Elby Designs if they can supply them or maybe I can replace them with 100 nF or 150 nF. I don't know how critical the value is. Two other components are not fitted yet. The power regulators. I already have them, but the heat sinks that I got are not the right ones. So I'm going to look a bit further. The probably will work, but on the PCB are some mounting holes. The ones I got will be screwed onto the regulators but don't rest on the PCB. This means a lot of stress on the leads of the regulators. I'm afraid they will break from the weight of the heat sinks.

On the right you see another picture of my PCB from another angle. On the bottom you see a nice picture that is on the website of Elby Designs. I used this one to check the result of my own PCB as well. On this picture below you see the heat sinks attached to the PCB. This looks very solid. The next thing to do is to start working on the front panel. I still need to order it as well as all the jack connectors and the pot meters with knobs , but I have been just too busy so far. So far it has been fun building this unit, but I'm still far from getting some sounds from it. Well patience is a virtue they say. I don't have much of that though ;) As you can see below my work looks quite OK. Even still it will be an exciting moment when I connect power to the PCB.

I hope Elby Dedigns doesn't mind me using this picture on my blog, but it is a way better picture than I could take. In the end I'm promoting their project so probably they wont mind :) I'm not such a good photographer and wanted to give you a good idea how it looks like ;) When you click the image you can see it up close. You will notice that some components are not installed. This is intentional. Some components are optional, so you have some choices on the functionality while building. When I continue I will update you off course.


Anonymous said...

Great looking work Synth.nl
I'll save most of my comments for the EM thread, just wanted to be the first to let you know I'm interested in your progress :)

Synth.nl said...

Thank you very much :)

Aris said...

It's quite a project you have there. Well done.!!! You might consider replacing the 120 nF with two capacitors combined to give you the exact same capacitance (120nF). I assume you already know that but just in case: http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/vol_1/chpt_13/4.html

I subscribed to your blog just for this, to see how you are doing your magic.!!

Keep up !


Synth.nl said...

Thank you. I know I could do that, but I like to keep stuff as original as possible. I'll get them somewhere :)