01 June 2014

Sony DPS V77 Battery Replacement

The last time I wanted to use my Sony DPS V77 it didn't work any more. I though it was broken and that made my quite sad since it is a very nice vintage digital effects processor. I was already looking for a new on on E-bay and saw that prices have risen on these machines. So I thought maybe I can repair it. Then I switched it on and off a couple of times and noticed that sometimes it actually did start up, but the display was looking funny. So first I thought it was some kind of memory problem.

Today I had to take it out of the rack anyway, since I started renovating the studio today, so I downloaded the service manual and thought I could maybe find the problem. And one of the options it gave is look at the battery Voltage. So that was the first thing I did and guess what? It was way too low. So if you have one of these and it is acting funny. Check that first! It doesn't give you any warning or anything.

Replacing is it quite simple. The battery is a standard CR2032 and I even had a couple in stock. It is fitted in a nice fixture so you don't even have to do any soldering. After replacing it I measured again and now it was fine. I powered the machine up and directly it gave a correct init procedure again. I changed the preset, switched it off and on again and it came back with the same preset. Problem solved :)

If you ever come across one of these machines on E-bay or whatever do give it a serious consideration. They sound really good for the money. Lots of producers use them as a secret weapon. If you want to hook it up digitally you do need a special break out cable, but you can still buy those on E-bay too once in a while. OK now I'm going to put it back in it's new spot. I'll show you where soon.


Anonymous said...


Same happened to me yesterday with my DPS V77. It stood on initializing sequence
And that chicken stopped to run. WHAAAAT??? is it dead? oh nooo.
Mine wasn't in use for at least 2 years.(because of being in a slump) I still haven't replaced the battery but my unit works after factory reset. I've lost all my own presets but hell, they were all modifications of main presets so I don't worry.
Now I'm enjoying my new tenori-on sessions with V77 reverbs... What a blast!
Greetings from Slovenia

Unknown said...

i had the problem as well and if you don't have the battery in stock and are in the middle of a mixdown, just press and hold down the "save", "system" & "enter" buttons while powering up and it also works.... been doing that now for a year or so but definitely need to relace the battery soon though!

Anonymous said...

Thanks CHI!