09 July 2013

Virtiso Hosting Platform and my Work

A couple of you have heard that I started a new company and asked my what I was doing. I thought it would be nice to explain that a bit in a blog post here. First of all my new company is called Virtiso BV and is based in The Netherlands. I'm in the IT business as long as my memory goes back and in the ISP business since 1996. I have seen it all and done it all so I think I know what I'm talking about. I have also been an entrepreneur for the last 18 years. My main business is helping Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) with their IT needs. Whether it is advice or helping them to build a website, webshop, a groupware solution for E-mail, Calendars and Contacts or other Private Cloud Based solutions. To facilitate all this I build a small VMWare based hosting platform. Here you can see 8 Sun X4200 servers that have ESXi 5.1 running on them. On those physical servers I can run many virtual servers. And that is where my business is going now. Renting out both managed and unmanaged virtual servers.

For the geeks I also included a picture of the backside of the rack. The machines are all on rails by the way so I can roll them in and out easily for maintenance. These servers are located in the datacenter BIT-2A of the company BIT BV in Ede. This is the company I started together with my partner Henk in 1996. We are both still share holder, but no longer active in the operation. BIT has grown onto larger customers with high demands. With my own company I'm focussing on the market below. Small entrepreneurs, freelancers and companies with smaller IT needs or companies that just need decent webhosting without 99,99% SLA needs. Even so I tried to setup my platform as redundant as funds allow. There are two netscreen firewalls, double internet feeds, the VMWare platform is fully redundant and I also rent storage on a very redundant NetAPP cluster from BIT.

Here is the management platform. Here is also some storage that I use for backups only and the servers to manage the Sun cluster. The network stuff in in the picture on the lower right. Here you can see the switches and firewalls. BIT provides me also with redundant powerfeeds with both UPS'es and Diesel generators on both the A and B feed. So I guess this platform is not too bad :) Do let me know if you are reading this and think that I can help you out with something. I'm specialised in VMWare, Microsoft and Ubuntu Linux but I'm also very experienced with Kerio Connect, Control en Operator. Very cool products. Do look them up if you never hear of them on http://www.kerio.com. These product I also rent out as a managed service.

Next to this technical stuff I also design websites, build webshops and develop software. For the graphical side you probably have seen my 3D animations as well. That is another hobby I run next to my music stuff. For this 3D stuff you need a lot of computer power as well. Even rendering out a small animation takes a long time. For this I'm also building a platform in BIT's datacenter. This is a seperate platform from the hosting platform. I will show you this in the near future as well. I hope to find some customers as well for this in the graphical business. So I would say if you know someone who is looking for rendering capacity do let me know as well. And if you are looking for a datacenter in Europe/The Netherlands do check BIT out :) http://www.bit.nl. OK I hope it is a bit clearer what I do now. The website for my new company is hardly finished btw so I'll post that later when I think it is suitable :) If you have questions do ask of course :) Just send me an E-mail.

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