16 August 2012

Back from 4 week Holiday in the USA

We just got back from a 4 week holiday in the USA. We did quite a tour starting and ending in Florida. We stayed in the Florida area for 2 weeks, then we drove all the way up to the Detroit area in Michigan to visit some friends who live there were we stayed for a couple of days and drove back again. We crossed 11 States in total and did a LOT of nice things during this holiday. Too much for one post and  I only want to share the special stuff with you, but even then it won't fit in one post, so more will follow after this.

It all started with the flight from Amsterdam to Orlando. 10 hours of flight, seems boring, but it always gives me some time to listen to some music. Normally I hardly ever have time for that. Arriving in Orlando we picked up a car we rented for the whole stay and drove it to the house we rented for the whole stay. A very nice house I must say with a pool in the garden and also a pool table in the garage :) This would be our permanent base for  the whole holiday even though we knew we were going on a road trip for a couple of days. We didn't know exactly how long though and this way we could leave some stuff behind so that we didn't have to bring all of our luggage on the road trip where we would hop from hotel to hotel.

We did a lot in the Florida area like Sea World (yes again) the kids just love that, but we also visited Disney's Animal Kingdom, Gator Land Kennedy Space Center. We had lots of nice lunches and dinners and yes we gained a few pounds. The US is not a good place to go on a diet I guess ;) At least not for us. On the road trip we also visited some nice places like Dinosaur World, the Shanadoah Caverns, The Indianapolis Speedway, and of course our good friends Jay and Michelle who also took us on some nice trips. I'll go into more details on some of this stuff in the follow up posts :) It was all too much to remember even.

The last picture for this post that I wanted to share with you is the one on the right. This is what happens if you put 4 computer nerds on a road trip and they arrive in a hotel. Yes batteries flat on all the nerd devices. So in immediate power surge and then you can go to sleep until the batteries are charged again. My daughters missed their grand parents a lot, so they skyped with them almost every day. Even from the car. They even had internet in the car through a mobile WiFi hotspot we got with a prepaid 4G mobile card. But the little nerds complaint from time to time of course that it was too slow ;) A well I'm glad that we are back home again, but we had a great holiday. And I'll tell you some more about at least my highlights in some follow up posts.

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