15 July 2012

Groove Download Shop Recommendations

Hi by now Ron Boots has added all Groove Products in the new download shop both as MP3 and FLAC. It is nice to see that everything works perfectly and people are ordering their favorite music. Of course you know you can buy my music there, but there is much more nice music in there. I thought it would be nice to share some of my personal favorite Groove titles with you. These are albums that I personally like and you can get them in an instance when you want. In no particular order:
  • Ron Boots - Acoustic Shadows (mp3, flac)
  • Gert Emmens - A Boy's World (mp3, flac)
  • Eric van der Heijden - Da Capo (mp3, flac)
  • Nattefrost - Underneath the Night Sky (mp3, flac)
  • Johan Timman - Trip into the Body (mp3, flac)
We also added two new buttons in the menu on the left that take you instantly to the new FLAC and MP3 products.  Go and have a look on https://shop.groove.nl

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