01 April 2012

The New Commodore 64 III

As you might have noticed by now, I like retro computers as well next to synthesizers. I have quite a collection of old stuff in the place now where my studio used to be. When I needed a new work station there I could not resist the new machine that is made by a company called Commodore USA. It is a reincarnation of the old 64 (brodkasten) style enclosure, but it is not what it seems at first sight. There is actually a brand new modern PC in this enclosure. I got the smallest one available and that is an Intel Atom. There is also version with a Core i7 inside.

Here you can see it from a different angle and you can clearly see the SD, CF and USB slots on the side and the VGA, Ethernet and PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports on the back. On the other side is also a slimline DVD drive and it has more USB on the back as well. They keyboard is fortunately a lot better than the one on the old C64 by the way. It is not a cheap PC, but I really love the look and feel of it. Commodore USA is also working a linux variant they call Commodore OS Vision that I have running on it. It is a mix of Ubuntu and Mint with bits and pieces of their own with a nice retro feel to it. It is not completely done yet, but the beta is available from their website even if you don't have a Commodore machine. So check it out :) You can find more information on http://www.commodoreusa.net

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PastelSounds said...

I Micheal, About the new commodore I like the idea very much. But I think the fact this was a sand pc don´t bring nothing new. Also I'm very sad for they will do the same to the Amiga. And the commodore OS also is nothing new on reallity is linux. For me the real mew Amiga still to be the amigaone X1000. Any way is cool to fun.