20 July 2009

40th birthday of Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Today it is exactly 40 years ago, July 20th 1969, that the Apollo 11 crew landed their moon lander on the surface of the moon. Neil Armstrong was the first human being to ever set foot on our moon. I have always felt very connected to the NASA missions connected to this event since I was born in 1969 and always related that event to my own birthday. Since I became 40 myself this year I decided to dedicate an album to these missions. I hoped to have it finished this year but unfortunately I didn't make it. I'm even working on another album that still has to be released this year. But to celebrate this event I worked on a track to honor the crew of the Apollo 11 and put it online on my website today.

You can find it here: http://www.synth.nl/Apollo

The track is not finished yet by the way and still unmastered as well, but I think it is nice for now. After I finish my OceanoGraphy album I will resume work on this album. I have already found a nice CD with original live radio broadcast recordings of all the Apollo missions. So I will replace the samples in this track later by better ones. There will be much more tracks about the other less know missions that went up to the moon. This project is very personal for me and I enjoyed working on this track a lot. I also named my current studio after this project as you have probably guessed by now by the way ;) But now I'm going back to the dolphins, sharks and whales in my virtual Ocean :) Happy 40th birthday celebration!

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